Aye, Zombie!

I dream about the supernatural quite often, vampires, aliens, and zombies are the primary offenders.  Vampires and aliens, I understand.  I’ve had a fascination with them for decades.  Zombies?  I have no idea.  I don’t watch zombie movies or read books based on them.  Normally, the dreams I have are not scary, to me at least, but yet they invade my subconscious mind for no reason I can think of other than maybe as something I need to overcome.  But we’re not here to analyze dreams.  Maybe you can make a cool story out of this.  As I wrote it many hours later, the details are now fuzzy, but still interesting.

Something in the center of town has changed people.  Not exactly brain eating zombies but not normal humans living their normal lives.  They move slowly through the town, but there are many of them.  I watch from afar, but know I need to do something.  We need to get to the center of town which is a large secured building.  Large white pillars  and large steps lead up to it.  A fence surrounds it.  We watch as people try to escape in cars and such but the zombies overwhelm and pull them out.  Just being near the zombies seems to change people.

We need something large and strong.  The closest thing at hand is a school bus.  There are several but people start pulling out in them away from the city.  We manage to get one that has a new touch panel control system.  A friend tells me they’ll meet up with me giving me time to figure out how the darn thing works.  It starts moving by itself and I didn’t even turn it on.  It’s quiet and slow but I manage to control it.  I’m joined by my little black and white pug.  After my friend rejoins us the pug says something giving guidance of how to get into the center.

We plow forward straight through a small crowd of zombies.  Some climb on the bus but they can’t do anything.  We drive it up the stairs into a park like area and stop in front of my house.  I get out for some reason with my pug.  A zombie comes near me and I can feel myself changing, yet I feel like I can think perfectly clearly.  But my skin gets some red patches on it like what they have.  During the whole thing, I am calm.  My pug says something about how we can cure me and my friend debates bringing me back into the school bus or not.

And that’s it.  Would you let me back on the bus?  What’s with the talking dog?  And who’s behind the whole zombie infestation?  Only you can create the answers.


Is that you Buffy?

You’re a vampire, you and your buddy take out bad vampires.  There was one in particular that was really bad and hard to take care of, a few years ago.  He had long black greasy hair and a rough but handsome face.  You took him out with a bomb.

Recently, a scientist who wasn’t too happy with you and your friend wished to find a way to slay the slayers.  He was working on a mind control potion and another secret project. His lab is modern but still has glass tubes running all over it and a man laying on a bed.  He’s giving instructions to someone about surrounding you and your friend but that’s all you hear.  As the scene fades out you catch a glimpse of the man on the table, it’s the vampire you killed years ago though now his face is mangled.

One night, you and your friend are out looking for vampires to take care of.  Your friend is popular but not as popular as she seems tonight.  People are surrounding her, wanting her autograph.  You line them up but feel something is wrong.

The line has gotten shorter only a few people left and there is one in a hoody.  You know it’s him.  You have to warn your friend, but too late, he’s pulled her off to the side.  You rush over there and see her struggling with him.  You take out your sword, Excalibur! You raise it high to strike but he knows you’re there.  Too fast while he fends off your friend he backhands you in the chest with a stake.  You fall to the ground your Excalibur clangs to the ground inches from your finger tips and you fall unconscious.

When you wake, the bad guy is gone and so is your friend.  Because the stake didn’t hit your heart you’re able to yank on it several times to get it out.  You pick up your sword and go home, what else can you do?  Inside the messy home, you left the TV on.  It’s a Buffy marathon.


My dream changed at this point to me living with my best friend and hearing her and her ex-husband making yet another kid in their spacious room while I had a tiny room filled with laundry.  But you don’t want to hear about normal human dreams do you?

A New Hero?

On the run you manage to stay one step ahead of the suits.  You even know all the secret passages and how to disappear. One time they’re close, you go down in a ditch, someone else is there a homeless person. You flip a couple hidden switches and sink down into the piping systems they get there and only find that guy.

You wind your way through to a building and there’s a couple of guards. Your friend appeared apparently you called him and he uses knockout gas on them. You enter the vault they were guarding. Inside you find a bunch of experimental equipment. The first thing that catches your eye is a white and black leather suit with traces of yellow. You start changing into it and find the pants seem to stretch to fit you   Your friend asks what you’re doing. You say it looks cool plus it’s a disguise.   You pick up the jacket and realize it’s too small and suddenly it stretches and grows to fit you.

“Surprised?” A woman asks. You are, that she’s there and you realize you didn’t shut the door. You gesture to your friend to shut it but now you’re locked in. You finish putting it on, as well as the cool sunglasses so she can’t see your eyes when you turn to face her and pick up the gloves that goes with it.

She asks why you’re there and what you’re doing as you look at different objects while ignoring her.

“What is this place?” you ask when you uncover the coolest car you’ve ever seen. It’s white and yellow with accents of black to match your outfit. It’s streamlined but with sharp angles making it look kinda like an 80s sports car but with modern technology.

“You know they’re coming for you,” the woman says.

“Put her in the car,” you tell your friend.

“We won’t fit. It’s only a two seater,” he says but even then it seems to now have room for four with a backseat.

She’s put in the car, but still talking as you look around for other gadgets to take with you. “Look” she says. “You can’t get out of here in this car.”

You finally get mad and ask “Why not?”

“You need to put the black hood on it.” She pulls out a black hood cover that is made from a light but durable metal and has gold accents on it.

“What good will that do?”

“You’ll see ,”she says and helps you put it on. “That jacket is more than a jacket you know. It’s a device that allows you to make any small object you can think of. The gloves pull matter from the air and the device manipulates the molecules into whatever you think of which it reads through the glasses.”

“How do you know this?”  There’s now a sense of urgency as you hear someone on the other side of the vault.

“I designed all of it.”

Back in the car you find it’s no ordinary car which it seemed before. Now it seemed alive. It even talked. It asked if you wanted it to break down the door. You didn’t think it could. It would be smashed, but it starts changing around you and is soon much like a tank and smashes the door with its hood. It rams through the building until on the street. It changes back and you’re now in a car chase and it does amazing things including driving by itself and firing on your enemies.

Apparently, the black hood was the key with some technology that enabled it to manipulate the matter in the vehicle and gave it intelligence.

The woman tells you it has another feature. “It can cloak itself.”

“Well why didn’t we do that from the beginning instead of the long car chase?”

She says “We wanted your pursuers to think you were headed to a special place.” When you clocked the car blended with the four cars around them kind of copying them then disappeared completely. You turned right and the pursuers went straight.

As you were driving the woman also tells you when the hood of the jacket is over your head it also cloaks.

You ask “Why are you helping me?

She says “You are special to me. I love you. You don’t remember me.” (and if you’re a woman you say you didn’t know she was into that but you are). You feel something for her but question why you don’t remember anything about that place yet it seems familiar and you don’t remember anything before being chased.

She says “Because they wiped your memory.” You don’t understand. She says “You too were an experiment. I created you.”

You turn into a parking structure and ask “What do you mean by that?”

She says “I’ll tell you inside.” You go into the adjoining hotel that looks to be five star and ask for a room then realize you have nothing to pay for it. Before you can ask the woman you feel money in your hand.  Your suit created it.

In the suite she tells you “You’re a cyborg mostly human but have  some robotic features.”

Take it from here.


You are trying to find them in a pool for your company for they have spilled. One of your coworkers found one and switched it for a fakes to frame you. When you gather them all even you notice it’s not real but too late you are put on a sort of trial by the execs at your company.
How do you get out of it?

Forget Everything

Everything that came before is old and outdated.  Rants have turned to dreams and now I offer them to you.

From now on, everything presented here will be from my dreams.  I have what I call story dreams.  Many are vivid and follow a story line.  I’ve written many of my own popular stories based off of them.  I write these as close to how they happened as possible with only slight editing.  Things like names are changed, completely irrelevant info removed, and order is arranged according to my memory.

This will be like a dream journal that I present to you, the public, not for intimate knowledge of my subconscious, but for your use.  Use them for inspiration, use them for new stories, use them to rule the world.   Take the whole thing, take bits and pieces.  Change the tense or move around the characters.  It doesn’t matter as the story is yours.  Just credit me with where you got the idea.

Most of all, just enjoy.

-Christine Schnell

Dark comes to light

Back in the 80’s when I was little I was always wanting to write a story about the bad guy winning.  Or at least how the bad guy thought he was doing good.  Just because we never saw the story from the bad guy’s perspective and it was something different.

Over the years I know I’ve changed morally.  I believe we now glorify the bad guy.  So the very thing I wished, has been granted and turned against me.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it were just simple things like in fantasy stories where the vampires are no longer monsters but the heroes and where dragons instead of being beasts to be feared were sentient beings to be befriended.  But now it’s the rapper who kids idolize his drug addicted way of life.  The criminal who helps the FBI catch other bad guys.  The murderer having his face splashed across the screen making him known to all and nearly made into a hero himself.

It has gone from being an original story to every day life, and it’s somewhat sickening.  I understand and appreciate that people like to seek out the dark and mysterious.  It’s human nature to wish to explore and learn about all things, especially those forbidden to us, because we must experience for ourselves why they are forbidden to us.  But why, for god’s sake, must we put the bad boy on to a pedestal.

I used to think shows from the 50’s even all the way through the 80’s with their perfect families and such were so trite.  However, I see their value now.  It’s not saying that the world is perfect and ignoring all the bad things in life.  No, they’re saying, this is what we should strive for.

Should a woman bend her will to her husband, have his dinner ready when he gets home, etc?  No, but she should have respect for her husband, and he for her.  It’s the values and morals of these old fashioned ideas that this world is losing and it’s taking our humanity with it.  Divorce is high now, not because a husband beats his wife, but because they’re simply tired of each other.  It’s all too easy because we’ve already let the bad guys win.

Loyalty means nothing, hell, there’s even loyalty among thieves and yet there is none between husband and wife.  Honor, most criminals have a code of honor, or at least they used to, but that’s all been blown out the window.  It is in these difficult economic times that we mustn’t let loose of our morals.  They are being tested as well as our will, and if we let go of them than the world would certainly become dark.  And what then would we have to look forward to?  What hope would we have?  We’d only have old 50’s tv shows that we wouldn’t even understand.

I’m a Scientist, I Don’t Believe in Anything

Originally posted October 17th, 2005

When Descartes said “I think, therefore I am.” he was saying that he doesn’t know if anything outside his own imagination exists but he knew he did.

How true is this?  How do we know that thinking is a function of life?  Animals think, therefore they must be alive right?  Well what about plants?  True Descartes was probably only referring to sentient beings but was he?

As another great philosopher ironically put it; “How do we know we don’t exist in a box sitting on someone’s table.”  Here Picard was speaking of a “trapped” Hollographic, i.e. virtual, i.e. NOT ALIVE, Moriarty and the ironic part comes in that Picard is just that, a fictitious character being projected onto the inside of a box sitting on a table that we were watching.  While many Trekkies would argue that Picard very much is alive, he is not.  He thinks he’s alive but he’s not real.

Of course Descartes accounts for this ultimately saying you may think your alive but he doesn’t know that, he only knows he’s alive.  Therefore, for all we know, Picard may be alive.

Are you going in circles yet?