Just Die Already 

I’m not a fan of Twilight nor am I a hater but I have to admit this title’s words were  at the end of this dream and I wasn’t sad about it. If you write fan fiction I’d love to see what you do with this.



You were going to watch a movie with a friend (basically bribed to go) but they had some sneak peek that showed the ending of the last film and the ending of the one you were about to watch. I know it doesn’t make sense to me either.

At the end of the first we see a literal cliffhanger where two lovers are nearly falling off a cliff. Then it cuts to the end of the next one.  What’s her name is dead. The vampire was depressed for a long time. Her killer: an ancient, the first in fact. And he somehow infused himself in the vampire’s body cells intermixing and all. This ancient has beautiful long flowing black hair and looks young.  The ancient was able to act separately like a split personality and had killed her.

The vampire found a way to separate himself from this ancient. In the heat of a volcano he used some serum that started to separate them by turning them to ghostly ash then reconstituting their bodies.  Only the ancient fought it because he didn’t have a real body and so we see this ancients grey ghostly form sticking half out of the vampire. The ancient tells him he’s a billion years old and there is nothing he can do to rid himself of The ancient. Well, the vampire starts lamenting and sees a lava crater. His woman is dead and he’s stuck with this guy. He slowly gets up listening to the ancients protests. The ancient is now back in his body but weak and can’t fight much. The vampire slowly, hesitantly puts one foot in the lava then the next. Step by agonizingly slow step he wades in deeper.

“Oh just die already!” you yell at the screen and reach to push him in.


The Hunter

I dreamed I was a writer. No surprise there. I received a suspicious piece of mail. It was a card I sent to some collaborators some time ago. For some reason I was afraid and treated it as evidence as if the person who sent it was trying to blackmail me.   I went to one of the guys who was a collaborator and he told me he was still working. He even had a good editor. So we started talking about the story.

You are part of a team. Your father was known as the scoundrel (in fact he was Han Solo but we won’t go into that) you are known as the hunter.

You just received an assignment from your informant (a woman that often compared you to your father in a good way) that a bunch of bad aliens landed.

You and your team suit up. You pull the leather jacket which has a metallic mask attached to the hood over your head. The jacket was your fathers but the mask was all you a slender robotic looking face that was very menacing.

Your buddies suit up in equally elaborate costumes. They are a ragtag bunch with similar descriptive silly names like the shoveler. Okay I stole that name from Mystery Men. It wasn’t really the shoveler but a similar group of people with no extra ordinary abilities. I have forgotten the names I saw in my dream. Also if you haven’t guessed by now this is a very comic bookish dream. Each of the characters are introduced in stills with their names sprayed across. The hunter for example we don’t see his face when he’s getting the intel or at all really. His introduction still is with his jacket halfway over his head. Though we get a nice look at his mask once he’s dressed in the next panel.

Your group is heading for the door and you open it to see the bad guys coming down the hall. Your informant failed to mention the aliens were on the roof.

You slam the door shut and lean on it you tell the others to get something to barricade it. You need time to think. You don’t have any they are at the door in an instant and are pushing to open it. You push back but they’re too strong.

You bring out your gun point it in the opening of the door to where their head should be and fire. There is a pause in the pushing which you use to your advantage and peer out the door shooting two more guys point blank in the head. They don’t fall.

(In dreams I hardly ever have weapons. When I do, I usually have a gun or rifle I can’t see that can shoot real bullets or I have a gun I can see but shoots bullets I can’t see. This dream it was the latter)

You’re confused. These guys have army like uniforms on which means they’re wearing helmets and that’s what you attribute to the misses. After all, you’re the hunter you never miss. You fire again aiming under the helmet and this time they totally ignore it and push the door open wide. You fall back into your group.

Now you know you’ll get out of this because you had a premonition of these guys unconscious in this very room and you and your group chasing after their vehicle but right now you don’t know how to get to that point.  (In fact I’m not telling this in order. I did have that scene at the very beginning but it reset like going to a flashback to this situation)

They move aside and call to others to bring the mole man. You become afraid as you’ve heard of him he dig anything out of anyone. A large man with a pudgy face wearing a hard hat pushes his way in the room. You take aim one more time and fire. Nothing happens.

And then my alarm went off. Sorry you’ll have to figure out how you get out of this one by yourself.

Testing… 1.. 2… 3…

You run a testing lab in the middle of nowhere.  It’s a small town with few houses in the middle of the desert.  You seem to be testing not quite supernatural elements.  You are inside one of the largest gyms about the size of a hanger and you’re testing a super ball. A big red bouncy ball like a kick ball but about four feet across.

It doesn’t bounce high enough you need them to go super high into the sky. You have some one bouncing them from up high onto the wood floor but it doesn’t go quite high enough.  You’re laying on the ground on your back trying to get a reading on how high it goes.  Then, either you tell them, or by accident they bounced it off your large belly and it perfectly hit the target on the highest point on the ceiling.

Next you being on your two most intelligent dogs. A white husky and a grey greyhound. You are testing their intelligence by seeing which can score the most points in the basketball nets. They start on one side of the court but quickly you see the greyhound isn’t as smart as you hoped. He grabs the big bouncy ball in his teeth and stumbles across the court (so big he can’t see around it) and bounces the ball right into the husky’s net.

The judges aren’t pleased. They are all former coworkers who you weren’t sure were great judges. The head judge was just a simple secretary after all.   You then noticed whoever setup the judges platform also wasn’t that smart. It was a large flat platform balanced on a single metal structure. As they jeer the greyhound, the platform begins to move. You watch as it starts tilting side to side and they fall out of their chairs.  They begin sliding around on the platform because it doesn’t just go side to side but back and forth and starts moving in a circle.

You laugh and say to yourself that’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

In fact it was. I woke laughing.

The Illusive Assassin

There is an assassin on the loose who looks an awful lot like Kai Leng from Mass Effect.  So for the sake of ease let’s call him Kai Leng.


Have I mentioned that my dreams often have characters from movies, TV, and games?  Well, they do, but you can certainly kick them out and create your own in their place.

You have traveled to an area of the city that is tightly packed. Buildings butt up against each other. You and your sister have come to town to find the assassin. Your first lead is at a pub where you find out there has been a kidnapping of an Asian girl. So you head to the Chinese restaurant where her family works. They tell you she wasn’t special and didn’t know why she was taken. But you stake out the restaurant anyway.

One night you see a mysterious figure dressed in black with a black mask and sword (yeah, just like the picture) running over the rooftops. You follow him from the ground but lose him near the prison which is the last and tallest building on the street. There is a large fenced in yard which you try to scale but the guards stop you. They tell you no one that fits Kai Leng’s description is an inmate there or has been seen.

Convinced he’s still out there and might take someone else, you are invited to stay inside the restaurant with the family. The back rooms are dark and open. There are many short tables there which the large family gathers around in groups. They’re eating far different food than what they serve. It looks like layered tortilla with thin slice of some sort of pork, lettuce, and a lot of ketchup. Despite how it sounds, it really does look and smell good.

You make good friends with the family. You eat and laugh with them over little things and their kids like you.

You stay a couple nights with nothing happening there but hear rumors of the man being spotted. You decide to make yourself bait. Both you and your sister carry large ornate sabers. As they’re your trademark you place a fake one out where he could see it and think you’re without a weapon while placing the real one under your bed. You intend to pretend to sleep and let him get close.  You believe you both would attack him when he came in. Instead, you are so comfortable in that house you actually fall asleep.

Only he’s smart and checks the saber. As the hilt comes loose from the scabbard, he knows it’s a trap and intends to turn it around. He snuck up on you and slit your throat.

(Here’s the weird part. My mind will often see the way a dream is going and shows things like this as a foreshadowing then reverses and changes how things turn out. Kinda like a restore point.  This is why I don’t feel like any of my dreams are nightmares as I can always change them to get out of bad situations.)

You and your sister were going to sleep in cots next to each other but you have that premonition and decide instead to take your sword and hide in the closet right near the head of the bed.

Kai Leng comes in, sees only your sister and decides to try to kill her, but just then you burst from the closet.
Yep that’s it. No idea if you stop him.  Have fun filling in the details.

Bits and Pieces

While I have quite a few story dreams, many times I have just short dreams that don’t mean much, or only remember bits and pieces of longer dreams.  This is the first in a series of pieces I’ll just throw out there occasionally.  You can either create a story from them, incorporate them into one of your own, mix and match, or just laugh at the weirdness.


A Chicago style mob is hiding out in a warehouse.  You’re one of the key members and you’re all waiting around for a job.  Each of you are named for your skill, you’re “Aim.”  You never miss. So as you’re playing skee ball with one of the others, he starts making fun of you because you do miss.  You try to prove it by tossing a ball in his lane and miss again.  You toss everything from a tennis ball to a football and miss each time.  Something’s wrong, you never miss.  “Catch” is riding by on a bike and you call to him, “Catch” and throw the skee ball at him and hit him in the forehead.

You went on a trip to an exotic land.  There were wild parakeets in your friend’s house trying to defend eggs from sparrows.  The house was all marble and red columns, fancy.  The birds kept flying everywhere.  There was a dance that night and you didn’t want to go because you had to wear an old English wig.  You didn’t bring a dress, who packs a formal dress when going on vacation? and started to complain that you should have cleaned out your garage to find your Renaissance costume.

You and your friend were not on speaking terms for some time.  You go a bar you knew your friend would be at.  It was crowded and they were singing karaoke like she likes.  You cringe, but go in anyway.  You found her sitting outside and just sat at the table with her as if nothing was wrong.  In the dream it was definitely the first time you’d seen her in a long time, but she hadn’t changed, and she acted normal too other than she knew you’d find her there.  She handed you a check she owed you and apparently some winnings from a bet that you would find her there.  We were perfectly fine with each other and happy after that.

Your gardener came and started mowing the lawn at one am.  He tells you there is some poison in the water.  You start investigating and find people dead and  people come in your yard and become contaminated. Your dogs chase but miss them then they start stealing from your garage.Your sister had something to do with it. You try to scream at them, but nothing comes out.  Your voice just squeaked and sounded funny.

Dangerous Pests

You’re rich. Well your parents are. You’re a preteen living with them, your sister, and older brother. You live on a good size piece of land have a big house plus a servants house in the back. The back overlooks a small lake with a lot of ducks and a large play park.

It starts raining and you see something you think is your dog squeezing into a small doghouse only when you go to the patio your dog is curled up shivering under a blanket.

Curious you go to see. The animal moved out by the servants house. Feeling it is dangerous you pull out the heat ray.  Bigger than a bazooka, it shoots out a large beam that burns whatever it touches.   You spot movement at the house and shoot at it. Over and over until the house is covered in burn marks and the thing is dead.

The next day you are sitting on the patio with your brother and sister minding your own business; talking and laughing. You’re brother teases you about the salad you’re always eating. You hear sirens and are worried but just act normal.

The officers search the remains of the servants house. While they do so, the detective, who looks a lot like Sigourney Weaver, comes to talk to you.

She has a couple large plastic containers of meat and starts cutting and eating it while she questions you. She asks if you’re disgusted by the meat as she knows you’re a vegetarian. You keep your cool but you’re sure she knows something.

What does she know, and what was that creature?

As a bonus:

You find a room in your house you hardly ever use.  It has a couple large sliding doors.  One leads to the garage, but the other leads outside.  The outside isn’t out  in the back of your house or any other you’ve seen in the neighborhood.  It’s a beautiful colorful garden.  As you explore more you find another little room in the garage with two people working in it.  One explains you’re not home anymore, that part of the house is on another continent.

Aye, Zombie!

I dream about the supernatural quite often, vampires, aliens, and zombies are the primary offenders.  Vampires and aliens, I understand.  I’ve had a fascination with them for decades.  Zombies?  I have no idea.  I don’t watch zombie movies or read books based on them.  Normally, the dreams I have are not scary, to me at least, but yet they invade my subconscious mind for no reason I can think of other than maybe as something I need to overcome.  But we’re not here to analyze dreams.  Maybe you can make a cool story out of this.  As I wrote it many hours later, the details are now fuzzy, but still interesting.

Something in the center of town has changed people.  Not exactly brain eating zombies but not normal humans living their normal lives.  They move slowly through the town, but there are many of them.  I watch from afar, but know I need to do something.  We need to get to the center of town which is a large secured building.  Large white pillars  and large steps lead up to it.  A fence surrounds it.  We watch as people try to escape in cars and such but the zombies overwhelm and pull them out.  Just being near the zombies seems to change people.

We need something large and strong.  The closest thing at hand is a school bus.  There are several but people start pulling out in them away from the city.  We manage to get one that has a new touch panel control system.  A friend tells me they’ll meet up with me giving me time to figure out how the darn thing works.  It starts moving by itself and I didn’t even turn it on.  It’s quiet and slow but I manage to control it.  I’m joined by my little black and white pug.  After my friend rejoins us the pug says something giving guidance of how to get into the center.

We plow forward straight through a small crowd of zombies.  Some climb on the bus but they can’t do anything.  We drive it up the stairs into a park like area and stop in front of my house.  I get out for some reason with my pug.  A zombie comes near me and I can feel myself changing, yet I feel like I can think perfectly clearly.  But my skin gets some red patches on it like what they have.  During the whole thing, I am calm.  My pug says something about how we can cure me and my friend debates bringing me back into the school bus or not.

And that’s it.  Would you let me back on the bus?  What’s with the talking dog?  And who’s behind the whole zombie infestation?  Only you can create the answers.