You literally fall into a strange castle where chess pieces, large and round, are alive. You must avoid them before they jump on you. They move near the castle wall while you and your friends try to avoid them. Some move into recesses in the wall and become inactive. You see a portal open before you that you can escape through and you just make it in before one lands on top of it. You make it but you wind up in the middle of a open court where there are more of these giants. There’s more portals but they’re inactive just holes covered by a grate.

When a chess piece is about to land on you. You scream “reset.”   One after another you run for the portals as fast as you can and just land on another square.  You watch as your friend gets squished and you yell “reset”.  After some time you figure the only way out is to yell “Game Over,” but it doesn’t work.  No variation does until you find a way to destroy the game pieces.


Dino bite

You're at a popular restaurant with your brothers. One orders the special sampler platter and your kid brother orders the Dino bites The order comes and it's a plate of tiny dinosaurs. He pours a little bit of red stuff onto the head of one and takes a bite. This is all perfectly normal. As is your other brother offering him to try one of the samples labeled pretty (nice) person. It's a red vile of blood. You take a different vile and contemplate grabbing a little brontosaurus.

Family Plot

You lay your head on your dads lap and he tells you he has a gift for you. It’s a plant. A small green mix between an aloe Vera and bonsai. It’s in a tiny white plastic pot and you decide it needs to be replanted. 

You get a square kitchen trash can to temporarily plant the plant while you get a new pot. You decide to just move it from the small pot to the trash can then decided that was too big. 

Your friend came in and distracted you as she tends to do as You put ricks at the bottom and before You know it. it was in the trash can again. You tried again. She started talking about a movie she was going to see then You commented how Her son was getting so big (saw his pic on facebook where his grandma didn’t even come to his shoulder he’s so tall!). And once again the plant was in the can. You give up and soon it was in a barrel with some other desert plants. 

Your nephews came with more tiny plants some looked like coral and tried to help. You made a small hole for one and The younger one put a purple one in then pushed it deeper. You had to correct him but he was having fun. Then he put it on top of the tiny beach like pebbles and tried to do the same. You tickle attack him instead of correcting him. 

More than Meets the Eye

You and your friends are at a gaming convention so there’s lots of strange people. Your friend is bored because they’re not into games. You check out an intriguing heavy metal role play table top and try to convince them it’s cool but it’s sold out before you can grab it. You had no luck at the convention at all. You only came away with a few game pieces. 

On your way out one of the many annoying people pushed a child into a fountain. He was a tall man with curly brown hair and a long face. He was an infamous villain. You call his name ( in the dream I called him Megaton though he looked nothing like him) and people begin to recognize him and move away. He moves out to the parking lot but you don’t pursue right away. 
You tell your friends to go home. And you get in your car and follow. (At this point it turns into a strange freeway slow motion “drive” where at one point you are the car moving on your hands and knees over a long stretch of highway.) Suddenly there is a crash in front of you and you can’t avoid swerving straight into a fence and a bunch of junk. Parts of the fence seem to be alive. They’re a bright silver and move and if you get too close they grab you. 

You almost get stuck in one but pull yourself free. You almost get back to your car when you see your friends have followed and the bad guys minions (because of the megaton reference I only saw them as cars and associated them with robots) has caught them with the fence. You have no choice but to surrender. 

While you wait for the master mind you sit with the minions and try to find out what you want. In the meantime they make friends with your friends who are a husband and wife. One guy in particular gets the wife to try a large juicy piece of steak no matter how much you try to convince her it’s wrong. 

The bad guy shows up and explains all he wants from you are the caps from the game pieces you have. You thought they were nothing but if he wants them they must be special. You refuse and he threatens your friends. 

Knowing you have no choice you tell him they’re still in your car.  Even so you talk back to him in a snippy “yes,sir” attitude and he questions you so you become more congenial. He allows you to go get them and you see another car was caught in his trap. A lady is hurt and you go help her. She seems ok as you untangle her from the fence and you whisper to her your situation. You ask her to get some help. 

Before they become suspicious you grab the pieces from the car. You give them to him and wait some more. They have some magical or technological properties that will allow him to perform some great robbery. Before he can the police arrive and you are saved. 

That Touch of Magic

You’re going to a magic school (yeah like that castle place but more like a school in America) where you meet up with your slightly air-headed blond friend (yes she wears strange glasses and could be mistaken for a certain moonchild).  She sees conspiracies everywhere.  Your school uniform looks like any other boarding school uniform, but the place swarms with magic.  You feel lifted off your feet as you float through the halls.  Colors are brilliant and varied.  Something is happening at the school and the teachers are looking for her.  You back her up in whatever it is.

She works at a store that has all sorts of neat old items, not necessarily magical but interesting items not found anywhere else.  You are hanging out with her there.  How the school was wide and colorful, this place is congested and dark.  Most of the items are wooden and nothing is organized.  Things move there, but not necessarily by magic, more mechanically.  There’s an old man, the owner, who sits out front and watches the passerbys.  He’s not looking for customers but is a lookout.  He’s kinda creepy and you wonder just how trustworthy he is.  Meanwhile, inside you go through the items finding the “bad” ones.

Your mom comes in and hands you a bag of candy and asks you to close it.  You don’t understand why she couldn’t, it’s just jellybeans and gummy worms.  No, wait, that one looked like a baby snake not candy.  Why was it moving?  You try to close the bag and it’s like the snakes have multiplied.  No longer fruit colored the tan, black, and white snakes are trying to escape and could bite you.  A few of them have two heads.


Unfortunately, that’s all I remember.  I waited too long to write this one down so most of the details are gone.  I wish I could translate the surrealistic almost magical feeling in the dream.


The Dominoes Gambit

You’re a vampire, you need to get into a complex to help your friends. You and one of your friends are trying to distract the guard at the guardhouse and manage to get by the guardhouse but another guard stops your friend.  To protect your friend, you grab the guard and drink from him.  An older, experienced member of your team stops you but is then attacked by a guard himself.  He quickly took the guard out and the three of you snuck into the building.

You manage to make it up to the highest point where the elevator stops.  But there’s still several floors to go.  As you step out of the elevator you wonder where the guards are.  One of your friends says that no one in their right mind would want to climb up several flights of exposed, rickety metal stairs to break into the place.  You all did it, and surprisingly without incident.  You make it to the top all rusted metal room.  There’s not much in the room.  It wasn’t the mafia office you were expecting to find.

You thought it would be fancy with gangsters and plush furniture.  There was a metal table with a few chairs.  On the table, dominoes were laid out.  Someone had been here recently.  Perhaps they were expecting you after all.  Your two partners sat to wait them out and play.  The older on your right and younger on the left.  They were wily and strategic as you watch them play but of course the older and more experienced wins.

The younger and handsome one knows something he doesn’t though.  The mob boss is coming.  Their game was a rouse to bring him and he congratulated them on a game well played.  Wity dialogue is exchanged before he orders you all on your feet.  But you know something he doesn’t, you’re vampires.

A Dogs Life

You’re a scruffy dog running around the streets.  You run over hills and around a park where people are having lunch. You can’t get to them since there is a gate. There is some lights in the bushes and as you nose around you uncover a printer. 

You think maybe if you can get it to work the people would notice you. The people in the park have other printers so even the noise and lights from it doesn’t attract them. 

You move on. Nearby is a large food plant. You roam around the house outside the plant and come across a couple puppies. Ones a curly haired white poodle like dog. The other is another scruffy mutt. 

You know your way around the plant and how not to get caught. You take them through having to help the curly one over crates. You show them how to turn on equipment to get fish. You show them where to hide when the people come around. 

Eventually though the people notice you and you manage to befriend some of them. 

So what happens next?