Vampire’s Baby

You are a vampire and are visiting one of your vampire friends. She’s telling you about her new baby but you think she’s crazy. Vampires don’t have babies. So she takes you to the baby’s room but all that’s there is an empty stroller.

A vacuum starts mysteriously and roars towards you. She takes this as a warning and pulls you out a window. She cries they must have taken the baby.

You’re not sure who but you’re now sure you’re being chased you go in a hospital to hide there helping some of the children. It are soon found out. They chase you to the roof where you find yourself surrounded by the vampire authority. Apparently having babies is forbidden.

Many are on hover bikes and your friend had her own stashed on the roof. It’s an older model that looks like a white Harley.

Finding yourself surrounded and without transportation you grab at the closest man on a bike and throw him off. This one is two toned white and tan and elongated egg shaped. Definitely an improved version. You do circles around your pursuers then ride with your friend over rooftops and out into open fields.


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