Dogs, Cupcakes, and Battery

Not sure what kind of story it would make but I thought it strange. My dog has killed several opossum lately and so…

You go into your backyard as you hear your dog running around like his tail was on fire. You go out there to find him shaking some poor animal to death. Looking around you see two baby platapi half buried. Takes you a bit to figure out what they are due to you never seeing one before. You then spot a large lizard perhaps an iguana hiding between some weeds. It seems to know your dog is on a war path. Another small animal scurries by some sort of rodent. You go back to the lizard but it’s gone. In its place are its babies which are kind of cartoonish. They are all head and tail with wide mouths and bug eyes. One jumps from the ground to your chest. It thinks you’re it’s momma. You try to put it back in its hole with the others but it doesn’t want to go.

You go inside to see if there is a way to rid yourself of it. You walk into the store room of a bakery. You drool over the cupcakes but avoid temptation. You move into the store proper finding a long line there for the ultra expensive baked goods. You take a small one on your way out into the school.

There are many teenagers wearing a shirt with what looks like a red and orange battery that glows. In the hallway you meet a woman that acts sweet but you know better. She snaps at a couple kids in the hall for not having some religious article. Then tries to gather everyone with a “power” shirt so they can “charge” together.

You roll your eyes and head out of there. Just as you think you’re escaping past the large courtyard with long round steps and a fence surrounding it the lady is on the loudspeaker calling you back.


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