Leaving the Light

Some of you might be aware of my ongoing vampire novel Leaving the Light and book 2 Season of Darkness.


I walked through a stream carrying a tray of food.  The cement bank was crowded with people who snatched at the tray and myself.  The room was dark but I could see their teeth clearly enough.  Why would vampires eat normal food? I thought to myself.

The handsome man held me in his arms, I didn’t want him to let go.  I didn’t fear him like the others and I wanted to be with him always.  “You have to do it,” I begged.

“I can’t,” he replied solumnly, “the king said it was not to be me.”

Another large scarier looking man, dark with large fangs sat on a couch and gestured me to sit next to him.  I did what he requested and sat then put my head on his lap when he asked me to.  Slowly, he leaned over and bit into my neck.


This was the original dream I had, as much as I can remember 20 years later anyway.  I still see these scene quite clearly and they are what this series was built off of.  An entire universe created from just a few short words and strange images in a dream that didn’t last very long.  While this one I’m asking you not to use for yourself all others in Dream Inspirations I offer freely hoping you too can create a universe from a dream.

If you’re interested to read more about Leaving the Light, I have recently added a site here on wordpress dedicated to the series which you can find conveniently a link here or on the menu.

Leaving the Light


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