Family Plot

You lay your head on your dads lap and he tells you he has a gift for you. It’s a plant. A small green mix between an aloe Vera and bonsai. It’s in a tiny white plastic pot and you decide it needs to be replanted. 

You get a square kitchen trash can to temporarily plant the plant while you get a new pot. You decide to just move it from the small pot to the trash can then decided that was too big. 

Your friend came in and distracted you as she tends to do as You put ricks at the bottom and before You know it. it was in the trash can again. You tried again. She started talking about a movie she was going to see then You commented how Her son was getting so big (saw his pic on facebook where his grandma didn’t even come to his shoulder he’s so tall!). And once again the plant was in the can. You give up and soon it was in a barrel with some other desert plants. 

Your nephews came with more tiny plants some looked like coral and tried to help. You made a small hole for one and The younger one put a purple one in then pushed it deeper. You had to correct him but he was having fun. Then he put it on top of the tiny beach like pebbles and tried to do the same. You tickle attack him instead of correcting him. 


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