More than Meets the Eye

You and your friends are at a gaming convention so there’s lots of strange people. Your friend is bored because they’re not into games. You check out an intriguing heavy metal role play table top and try to convince them it’s cool but it’s sold out before you can grab it. You had no luck at the convention at all. You only came away with a few game pieces. 

On your way out one of the many annoying people pushed a child into a fountain. He was a tall man with curly brown hair and a long face. He was an infamous villain. You call his name ( in the dream I called him Megaton though he looked nothing like him) and people begin to recognize him and move away. He moves out to the parking lot but you don’t pursue right away. 
You tell your friends to go home. And you get in your car and follow. (At this point it turns into a strange freeway slow motion “drive” where at one point you are the car moving on your hands and knees over a long stretch of highway.) Suddenly there is a crash in front of you and you can’t avoid swerving straight into a fence and a bunch of junk. Parts of the fence seem to be alive. They’re a bright silver and move and if you get too close they grab you. 

You almost get stuck in one but pull yourself free. You almost get back to your car when you see your friends have followed and the bad guys minions (because of the megaton reference I only saw them as cars and associated them with robots) has caught them with the fence. You have no choice but to surrender. 

While you wait for the master mind you sit with the minions and try to find out what you want. In the meantime they make friends with your friends who are a husband and wife. One guy in particular gets the wife to try a large juicy piece of steak no matter how much you try to convince her it’s wrong. 

The bad guy shows up and explains all he wants from you are the caps from the game pieces you have. You thought they were nothing but if he wants them they must be special. You refuse and he threatens your friends. 

Knowing you have no choice you tell him they’re still in your car.  Even so you talk back to him in a snippy “yes,sir” attitude and he questions you so you become more congenial. He allows you to go get them and you see another car was caught in his trap. A lady is hurt and you go help her. She seems ok as you untangle her from the fence and you whisper to her your situation. You ask her to get some help. 

Before they become suspicious you grab the pieces from the car. You give them to him and wait some more. They have some magical or technological properties that will allow him to perform some great robbery. Before he can the police arrive and you are saved. 


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