That Touch of Magic

You’re going to a magic school (yeah like that castle place but more like a school in America) where you meet up with your slightly air-headed blond friend (yes she wears strange glasses and could be mistaken for a certain moonchild).  She sees conspiracies everywhere.  Your school uniform looks like any other boarding school uniform, but the place swarms with magic.  You feel lifted off your feet as you float through the halls.  Colors are brilliant and varied.  Something is happening at the school and the teachers are looking for her.  You back her up in whatever it is.

She works at a store that has all sorts of neat old items, not necessarily magical but interesting items not found anywhere else.  You are hanging out with her there.  How the school was wide and colorful, this place is congested and dark.  Most of the items are wooden and nothing is organized.  Things move there, but not necessarily by magic, more mechanically.  There’s an old man, the owner, who sits out front and watches the passerbys.  He’s not looking for customers but is a lookout.  He’s kinda creepy and you wonder just how trustworthy he is.  Meanwhile, inside you go through the items finding the “bad” ones.

Your mom comes in and hands you a bag of candy and asks you to close it.  You don’t understand why she couldn’t, it’s just jellybeans and gummy worms.  No, wait, that one looked like a baby snake not candy.  Why was it moving?  You try to close the bag and it’s like the snakes have multiplied.  No longer fruit colored the tan, black, and white snakes are trying to escape and could bite you.  A few of them have two heads.


Unfortunately, that’s all I remember.  I waited too long to write this one down so most of the details are gone.  I wish I could translate the surrealistic almost magical feeling in the dream.



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