The Dominoes Gambit

You’re a vampire, you need to get into a complex to help your friends. You and one of your friends are trying to distract the guard at the guardhouse and manage to get by the guardhouse but another guard stops your friend.  To protect your friend, you grab the guard and drink from him.  An older, experienced member of your team stops you but is then attacked by a guard himself.  He quickly took the guard out and the three of you snuck into the building.

You manage to make it up to the highest point where the elevator stops.  But there’s still several floors to go.  As you step out of the elevator you wonder where the guards are.  One of your friends says that no one in their right mind would want to climb up several flights of exposed, rickety metal stairs to break into the place.  You all did it, and surprisingly without incident.  You make it to the top all rusted metal room.  There’s not much in the room.  It wasn’t the mafia office you were expecting to find.

You thought it would be fancy with gangsters and plush furniture.  There was a metal table with a few chairs.  On the table, dominoes were laid out.  Someone had been here recently.  Perhaps they were expecting you after all.  Your two partners sat to wait them out and play.  The older on your right and younger on the left.  They were wily and strategic as you watch them play but of course the older and more experienced wins.

The younger and handsome one knows something he doesn’t though.  The mob boss is coming.  Their game was a rouse to bring him and he congratulated them on a game well played.  Wity dialogue is exchanged before he orders you all on your feet.  But you know something he doesn’t, you’re vampires.


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