A Dogs Life

You’re a scruffy dog running around the streets.  You run over hills and around a park where people are having lunch. You can’t get to them since there is a gate. There is some lights in the bushes and as you nose around you uncover a printer. 

You think maybe if you can get it to work the people would notice you. The people in the park have other printers so even the noise and lights from it doesn’t attract them. 

You move on. Nearby is a large food plant. You roam around the house outside the plant and come across a couple puppies. Ones a curly haired white poodle like dog. The other is another scruffy mutt. 

You know your way around the plant and how not to get caught. You take them through having to help the curly one over crates. You show them how to turn on equipment to get fish. You show them where to hide when the people come around. 

Eventually though the people notice you and you manage to befriend some of them. 

So what happens next?


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