The Doctor is Out

Some dreams seem so normal and everyday and yet are so realistic you’d think you were living them. Then how you remember it is almost like anything else that happened to you. this one may be hard to explain as it has a lot of my own real life elements that are familiar to me but probably not you. so I’ll just babble. it’s in four parts.

My neighbor’s neighbor on the other side woke him at 7am only it was still dark. His neighbor was mowing my neighbors lawn again.  My neighbor doesn’t like how the guy does it especially in one corner against their joining wood fence. My neighbor got out of bed all disgruntled both these guys are long in the tooth. He took his lawn chair from under his bed grumbled then set it up in that corner. His neighbor started arguing he couldn’t mow and my neighbor showed him the long cut blades that he cut it too short. I interjected that I like long grass. It’s soft under foot. They both just stared at me like I’m weird.

I offered to go to the store to get out of there. Next thing I know I’m in the checkout line. The lady in front of me forgot her bags so the checker offered to pay for new ones. It was only$0.30 so feeling bad for the checker I gave her the dimes. The guy behind me started to get pushy even shoving his groceries forward. I didn’t even remember what I bought so I was sad to learn one of my favorite chocolates that was there was his and not mine. I made a slight profit when leaving by finding an empty bag by the door. I thought that lady could use it but she was gone. And so was my car. It was still dark and only a few cars were in the lot. Mine was not. I kept pressing my alarm button anyway. I’ve mentioned before I don’t get scared or angry or really any emotion in dreams. The same was now. I guess the closest emotion was puzzled. Why had I driven here in the first place. I mean my house is literally on the other side of the wall (and why was this store here it hadn’t been there for 30years but looked just like I remembered-from the 70s). So there was nothing for it but to walk home. I was a little concerned as I didn’t think our neighborhood was that dangerous until my car was stolen. I mean my neighbors bickering was about the worst of it. But now it all seemed dismal and creepy. There were people hanging against my back wall that looked suspicious. I could only think they were watching me. Same with my car. Like someone was messing with me in particular.

I made it to my front lawn and found I missed half of the new doctor who episode my neighbor was watching it projected on the side of my house. Only he acted like it was really happening. So it was.

This flamboyant guy ( not as in gay but as in flaming. He dressed elaborately in orange with spikes red hair) was giving a Shakespearean style villain monologue about how he kidnapped the doctor and planned to take over the world. (Keep in mind I haven’t watched but a couple episodes of the doctor in decades) turns out I was one of his companions and this bad guy wanted all of us.

Turned out it’s all connected. I was being stalled. I went into my house and found some things out of place. Next thing I know I’m watching the show on my tv then there on a catwalk. I’m watching flamey and the doctor debate then the doc says he’s going. I don’t know if he’s leaving his tied up companions behind or just going to bed. Either way he seems to have free roam of the place. His other companions watch in disbelief as he walks down a ramp out of the room. Meanwhile I hatch a plan to get them out.

And then my neighbor calls me. Tells me some happy people found my car. They were in the Walmart parking lot not far from my home. They thought it looked like mine (how they could tell it from every other grey Prius don’t ask me) and called around to confirm. They were so excited to have found a famous persons car. (Yeah I didn’t know I was famous either)
And so that’s it. No idea if I saved them or not but hey my car is in one piece.


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