Just Die Already 

I’m not a fan of Twilight nor am I a hater but I have to admit this title’s words were  at the end of this dream and I wasn’t sad about it. If you write fan fiction I’d love to see what you do with this.



You were going to watch a movie with a friend (basically bribed to go) but they had some sneak peek that showed the ending of the last film and the ending of the one you were about to watch. I know it doesn’t make sense to me either.

At the end of the first we see a literal cliffhanger where two lovers are nearly falling off a cliff. Then it cuts to the end of the next one.  What’s her name is dead. The vampire was depressed for a long time. Her killer: an ancient, the first in fact. And he somehow infused himself in the vampire’s body cells intermixing and all. This ancient has beautiful long flowing black hair and looks young.  The ancient was able to act separately like a split personality and had killed her.

The vampire found a way to separate himself from this ancient. In the heat of a volcano he used some serum that started to separate them by turning them to ghostly ash then reconstituting their bodies.  Only the ancient fought it because he didn’t have a real body and so we see this ancients grey ghostly form sticking half out of the vampire. The ancient tells him he’s a billion years old and there is nothing he can do to rid himself of The ancient. Well, the vampire starts lamenting and sees a lava crater. His woman is dead and he’s stuck with this guy. He slowly gets up listening to the ancients protests. The ancient is now back in his body but weak and can’t fight much. The vampire slowly, hesitantly puts one foot in the lava then the next. Step by agonizingly slow step he wades in deeper.

“Oh just die already!” you yell at the screen and reach to push him in.



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