The Hunter

I dreamed I was a writer. No surprise there. I received a suspicious piece of mail. It was a card I sent to some collaborators some time ago. For some reason I was afraid and treated it as evidence as if the person who sent it was trying to blackmail me.   I went to one of the guys who was a collaborator and he told me he was still working. He even had a good editor. So we started talking about the story.

You are part of a team. Your father was known as the scoundrel (in fact he was Han Solo but we won’t go into that) you are known as the hunter.

You just received an assignment from your informant (a woman that often compared you to your father in a good way) that a bunch of bad aliens landed.

You and your team suit up. You pull the leather jacket which has a metallic mask attached to the hood over your head. The jacket was your fathers but the mask was all you a slender robotic looking face that was very menacing.

Your buddies suit up in equally elaborate costumes. They are a ragtag bunch with similar descriptive silly names like the shoveler. Okay I stole that name from Mystery Men. It wasn’t really the shoveler but a similar group of people with no extra ordinary abilities. I have forgotten the names I saw in my dream. Also if you haven’t guessed by now this is a very comic bookish dream. Each of the characters are introduced in stills with their names sprayed across. The hunter for example we don’t see his face when he’s getting the intel or at all really. His introduction still is with his jacket halfway over his head. Though we get a nice look at his mask once he’s dressed in the next panel.

Your group is heading for the door and you open it to see the bad guys coming down the hall. Your informant failed to mention the aliens were on the roof.

You slam the door shut and lean on it you tell the others to get something to barricade it. You need time to think. You don’t have any they are at the door in an instant and are pushing to open it. You push back but they’re too strong.

You bring out your gun point it in the opening of the door to where their head should be and fire. There is a pause in the pushing which you use to your advantage and peer out the door shooting two more guys point blank in the head. They don’t fall.

(In dreams I hardly ever have weapons. When I do, I usually have a gun or rifle I can’t see that can shoot real bullets or I have a gun I can see but shoots bullets I can’t see. This dream it was the latter)

You’re confused. These guys have army like uniforms on which means they’re wearing helmets and that’s what you attribute to the misses. After all, you’re the hunter you never miss. You fire again aiming under the helmet and this time they totally ignore it and push the door open wide. You fall back into your group.

Now you know you’ll get out of this because you had a premonition of these guys unconscious in this very room and you and your group chasing after their vehicle but right now you don’t know how to get to that point.  (In fact I’m not telling this in order. I did have that scene at the very beginning but it reset like going to a flashback to this situation)

They move aside and call to others to bring the mole man. You become afraid as you’ve heard of him he dig anything out of anyone. A large man with a pudgy face wearing a hard hat pushes his way in the room. You take aim one more time and fire. Nothing happens.

And then my alarm went off. Sorry you’ll have to figure out how you get out of this one by yourself.


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