Testing… 1.. 2… 3…

You run a testing lab in the middle of nowhere.  It’s a small town with few houses in the middle of the desert.  You seem to be testing not quite supernatural elements.  You are inside one of the largest gyms about the size of a hanger and you’re testing a super ball. A big red bouncy ball like a kick ball but about four feet across.

It doesn’t bounce high enough you need them to go super high into the sky. You have some one bouncing them from up high onto the wood floor but it doesn’t go quite high enough.  You’re laying on the ground on your back trying to get a reading on how high it goes.  Then, either you tell them, or by accident they bounced it off your large belly and it perfectly hit the target on the highest point on the ceiling.

Next you being on your two most intelligent dogs. A white husky and a grey greyhound. You are testing their intelligence by seeing which can score the most points in the basketball nets. They start on one side of the court but quickly you see the greyhound isn’t as smart as you hoped. He grabs the big bouncy ball in his teeth and stumbles across the court (so big he can’t see around it) and bounces the ball right into the husky’s net.

The judges aren’t pleased. They are all former coworkers who you weren’t sure were great judges. The head judge was just a simple secretary after all.   You then noticed whoever setup the judges platform also wasn’t that smart. It was a large flat platform balanced on a single metal structure. As they jeer the greyhound, the platform begins to move. You watch as it starts tilting side to side and they fall out of their chairs.  They begin sliding around on the platform because it doesn’t just go side to side but back and forth and starts moving in a circle.

You laugh and say to yourself that’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

In fact it was. I woke laughing.


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