The Illusive Assassin

There is an assassin on the loose who looks an awful lot like Kai Leng from Mass Effect.  So for the sake of ease let’s call him Kai Leng.


Have I mentioned that my dreams often have characters from movies, TV, and games?  Well, they do, but you can certainly kick them out and create your own in their place.

You have traveled to an area of the city that is tightly packed. Buildings butt up against each other. You and your sister have come to town to find the assassin. Your first lead is at a pub where you find out there has been a kidnapping of an Asian girl. So you head to the Chinese restaurant where her family works. They tell you she wasn’t special and didn’t know why she was taken. But you stake out the restaurant anyway.

One night you see a mysterious figure dressed in black with a black mask and sword (yeah, just like the picture) running over the rooftops. You follow him from the ground but lose him near the prison which is the last and tallest building on the street. There is a large fenced in yard which you try to scale but the guards stop you. They tell you no one that fits Kai Leng’s description is an inmate there or has been seen.

Convinced he’s still out there and might take someone else, you are invited to stay inside the restaurant with the family. The back rooms are dark and open. There are many short tables there which the large family gathers around in groups. They’re eating far different food than what they serve. It looks like layered tortilla with thin slice of some sort of pork, lettuce, and a lot of ketchup. Despite how it sounds, it really does look and smell good.

You make good friends with the family. You eat and laugh with them over little things and their kids like you.

You stay a couple nights with nothing happening there but hear rumors of the man being spotted. You decide to make yourself bait. Both you and your sister carry large ornate sabers. As they’re your trademark you place a fake one out where he could see it and think you’re without a weapon while placing the real one under your bed. You intend to pretend to sleep and let him get close.  You believe you both would attack him when he came in. Instead, you are so comfortable in that house you actually fall asleep.

Only he’s smart and checks the saber. As the hilt comes loose from the scabbard, he knows it’s a trap and intends to turn it around. He snuck up on you and slit your throat.

(Here’s the weird part. My mind will often see the way a dream is going and shows things like this as a foreshadowing then reverses and changes how things turn out. Kinda like a restore point.  This is why I don’t feel like any of my dreams are nightmares as I can always change them to get out of bad situations.)

You and your sister were going to sleep in cots next to each other but you have that premonition and decide instead to take your sword and hide in the closet right near the head of the bed.

Kai Leng comes in, sees only your sister and decides to try to kill her, but just then you burst from the closet.
Yep that’s it. No idea if you stop him.  Have fun filling in the details.


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