Bits and Pieces

While I have quite a few story dreams, many times I have just short dreams that don’t mean much, or only remember bits and pieces of longer dreams.  This is the first in a series of pieces I’ll just throw out there occasionally.  You can either create a story from them, incorporate them into one of your own, mix and match, or just laugh at the weirdness.


A Chicago style mob is hiding out in a warehouse.  You’re one of the key members and you’re all waiting around for a job.  Each of you are named for your skill, you’re “Aim.”  You never miss. So as you’re playing skee ball with one of the others, he starts making fun of you because you do miss.  You try to prove it by tossing a ball in his lane and miss again.  You toss everything from a tennis ball to a football and miss each time.  Something’s wrong, you never miss.  “Catch” is riding by on a bike and you call to him, “Catch” and throw the skee ball at him and hit him in the forehead.

You went on a trip to an exotic land.  There were wild parakeets in your friend’s house trying to defend eggs from sparrows.  The house was all marble and red columns, fancy.  The birds kept flying everywhere.  There was a dance that night and you didn’t want to go because you had to wear an old English wig.  You didn’t bring a dress, who packs a formal dress when going on vacation? and started to complain that you should have cleaned out your garage to find your Renaissance costume.

You and your friend were not on speaking terms for some time.  You go a bar you knew your friend would be at.  It was crowded and they were singing karaoke like she likes.  You cringe, but go in anyway.  You found her sitting outside and just sat at the table with her as if nothing was wrong.  In the dream it was definitely the first time you’d seen her in a long time, but she hadn’t changed, and she acted normal too other than she knew you’d find her there.  She handed you a check she owed you and apparently some winnings from a bet that you would find her there.  We were perfectly fine with each other and happy after that.

Your gardener came and started mowing the lawn at one am.  He tells you there is some poison in the water.  You start investigating and find people dead and  people come in your yard and become contaminated. Your dogs chase but miss them then they start stealing from your garage.Your sister had something to do with it. You try to scream at them, but nothing comes out.  Your voice just squeaked and sounded funny.


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