Dangerous Pests

You’re rich. Well your parents are. You’re a preteen living with them, your sister, and older brother. You live on a good size piece of land have a big house plus a servants house in the back. The back overlooks a small lake with a lot of ducks and a large play park.

It starts raining and you see something you think is your dog squeezing into a small doghouse only when you go to the patio your dog is curled up shivering under a blanket.

Curious you go to see. The animal moved out by the servants house. Feeling it is dangerous you pull out the heat ray.  Bigger than a bazooka, it shoots out a large beam that burns whatever it touches.   You spot movement at the house and shoot at it. Over and over until the house is covered in burn marks and the thing is dead.

The next day you are sitting on the patio with your brother and sister minding your own business; talking and laughing. You’re brother teases you about the salad you’re always eating. You hear sirens and are worried but just act normal.

The officers search the remains of the servants house. While they do so, the detective, who looks a lot like Sigourney Weaver, comes to talk to you.

She has a couple large plastic containers of meat and starts cutting and eating it while she questions you. She asks if you’re disgusted by the meat as she knows you’re a vegetarian. You keep your cool but you’re sure she knows something.

What does she know, and what was that creature?

As a bonus:

You find a room in your house you hardly ever use.  It has a couple large sliding doors.  One leads to the garage, but the other leads outside.  The outside isn’t out  in the back of your house or any other you’ve seen in the neighborhood.  It’s a beautiful colorful garden.  As you explore more you find another little room in the garage with two people working in it.  One explains you’re not home anymore, that part of the house is on another continent.


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