Aye, Zombie!

I dream about the supernatural quite often, vampires, aliens, and zombies are the primary offenders.  Vampires and aliens, I understand.  I’ve had a fascination with them for decades.  Zombies?  I have no idea.  I don’t watch zombie movies or read books based on them.  Normally, the dreams I have are not scary, to me at least, but yet they invade my subconscious mind for no reason I can think of other than maybe as something I need to overcome.  But we’re not here to analyze dreams.  Maybe you can make a cool story out of this.  As I wrote it many hours later, the details are now fuzzy, but still interesting.

Something in the center of town has changed people.  Not exactly brain eating zombies but not normal humans living their normal lives.  They move slowly through the town, but there are many of them.  I watch from afar, but know I need to do something.  We need to get to the center of town which is a large secured building.  Large white pillars  and large steps lead up to it.  A fence surrounds it.  We watch as people try to escape in cars and such but the zombies overwhelm and pull them out.  Just being near the zombies seems to change people.

We need something large and strong.  The closest thing at hand is a school bus.  There are several but people start pulling out in them away from the city.  We manage to get one that has a new touch panel control system.  A friend tells me they’ll meet up with me giving me time to figure out how the darn thing works.  It starts moving by itself and I didn’t even turn it on.  It’s quiet and slow but I manage to control it.  I’m joined by my little black and white pug.  After my friend rejoins us the pug says something giving guidance of how to get into the center.

We plow forward straight through a small crowd of zombies.  Some climb on the bus but they can’t do anything.  We drive it up the stairs into a park like area and stop in front of my house.  I get out for some reason with my pug.  A zombie comes near me and I can feel myself changing, yet I feel like I can think perfectly clearly.  But my skin gets some red patches on it like what they have.  During the whole thing, I am calm.  My pug says something about how we can cure me and my friend debates bringing me back into the school bus or not.

And that’s it.  Would you let me back on the bus?  What’s with the talking dog?  And who’s behind the whole zombie infestation?  Only you can create the answers.


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