Is that you Buffy?

You’re a vampire, you and your buddy take out bad vampires.  There was one in particular that was really bad and hard to take care of, a few years ago.  He had long black greasy hair and a rough but handsome face.  You took him out with a bomb.

Recently, a scientist who wasn’t too happy with you and your friend wished to find a way to slay the slayers.  He was working on a mind control potion and another secret project. His lab is modern but still has glass tubes running all over it and a man laying on a bed.  He’s giving instructions to someone about surrounding you and your friend but that’s all you hear.  As the scene fades out you catch a glimpse of the man on the table, it’s the vampire you killed years ago though now his face is mangled.

One night, you and your friend are out looking for vampires to take care of.  Your friend is popular but not as popular as she seems tonight.  People are surrounding her, wanting her autograph.  You line them up but feel something is wrong.

The line has gotten shorter only a few people left and there is one in a hoody.  You know it’s him.  You have to warn your friend, but too late, he’s pulled her off to the side.  You rush over there and see her struggling with him.  You take out your sword, Excalibur! You raise it high to strike but he knows you’re there.  Too fast while he fends off your friend he backhands you in the chest with a stake.  You fall to the ground your Excalibur clangs to the ground inches from your finger tips and you fall unconscious.

When you wake, the bad guy is gone and so is your friend.  Because the stake didn’t hit your heart you’re able to yank on it several times to get it out.  You pick up your sword and go home, what else can you do?  Inside the messy home, you left the TV on.  It’s a Buffy marathon.


My dream changed at this point to me living with my best friend and hearing her and her ex-husband making yet another kid in their spacious room while I had a tiny room filled with laundry.  But you don’t want to hear about normal human dreams do you?


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