Forget Everything

Everything that came before is old and outdated.  Rants have turned to dreams and now I offer them to you.

From now on, everything presented here will be from my dreams.  I have what I call story dreams.  Many are vivid and follow a story line.  I’ve written many of my own popular stories based off of them.  I write these as close to how they happened as possible with only slight editing.  Things like names are changed, completely irrelevant info removed, and order is arranged according to my memory.

This will be like a dream journal that I present to you, the public, not for intimate knowledge of my subconscious, but for your use.  Use them for inspiration, use them for new stories, use them to rule the world.   Take the whole thing, take bits and pieces.  Change the tense or move around the characters.  It doesn’t matter as the story is yours.  Just credit me with where you got the idea.

Most of all, just enjoy.

-Christine Schnell


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