Dark comes to light

Back in the 80’s when I was little I was always wanting to write a story about the bad guy winning.  Or at least how the bad guy thought he was doing good.  Just because we never saw the story from the bad guy’s perspective and it was something different.

Over the years I know I’ve changed morally.  I believe we now glorify the bad guy.  So the very thing I wished, has been granted and turned against me.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it were just simple things like in fantasy stories where the vampires are no longer monsters but the heroes and where dragons instead of being beasts to be feared were sentient beings to be befriended.  But now it’s the rapper who kids idolize his drug addicted way of life.  The criminal who helps the FBI catch other bad guys.  The murderer having his face splashed across the screen making him known to all and nearly made into a hero himself.

It has gone from being an original story to every day life, and it’s somewhat sickening.  I understand and appreciate that people like to seek out the dark and mysterious.  It’s human nature to wish to explore and learn about all things, especially those forbidden to us, because we must experience for ourselves why they are forbidden to us.  But why, for god’s sake, must we put the bad boy on to a pedestal.

I used to think shows from the 50’s even all the way through the 80’s with their perfect families and such were so trite.  However, I see their value now.  It’s not saying that the world is perfect and ignoring all the bad things in life.  No, they’re saying, this is what we should strive for.

Should a woman bend her will to her husband, have his dinner ready when he gets home, etc?  No, but she should have respect for her husband, and he for her.  It’s the values and morals of these old fashioned ideas that this world is losing and it’s taking our humanity with it.  Divorce is high now, not because a husband beats his wife, but because they’re simply tired of each other.  It’s all too easy because we’ve already let the bad guys win.

Loyalty means nothing, hell, there’s even loyalty among thieves and yet there is none between husband and wife.  Honor, most criminals have a code of honor, or at least they used to, but that’s all been blown out the window.  It is in these difficult economic times that we mustn’t let loose of our morals.  They are being tested as well as our will, and if we let go of them than the world would certainly become dark.  And what then would we have to look forward to?  What hope would we have?  We’d only have old 50’s tv shows that we wouldn’t even understand.


2 thoughts on “Dark comes to light

  1. It’s much easier to live in immorality than to live a moral life.

    The world standard sets that the bad guys are far more interesting than the good guys, and only when the good guys screw up, do they become interesting.

    So why the continual fall, why the uplifting of things immoral? Why do some people know what’s the right thing to do, but don’t do it? Why the increase in depression, loneliness, mistrust? Can it be self?

    “We live in an age of freedom, independence, and the self, and I imagine this loneliness is the price we have to pay for it.”
    from the novel Kokoro
    by Natsume Soseki

    And this was written many years ago. How worse is it today in our tech fast-paced age?

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