What’s really out there?

Originally posted on September 15, 2005

Okay, given how much my profile says I like Sci-Fi this had to come up sometime.

Life outside our little world. It’s not that I don’t believe in God. I do, I just don’t think he’s as small and focused as everyone else does. I think there’s a grander plan and we’re merely one small piece of it. As small as an atom or molecule? Maybe, given the size of the universe, but maybe not.

Why make us so intelligent if that were so. Are we only intelligent enough to just go around building things and interacting with each other like an ant colony? I don’t think so.

Why make us so intelligent and have only ourselves to interact with? Perhaps we’re not intelligent enough to interact with others, maybe we’re not grown up enough. That is a different subject.

We’ve seen other animals on this planet evolve, even if creationists are right there’s plenty of evidence they can see with their own eyes that animals learn grow and adapt over time. We’ve also seen evidence of bacteria on other planets. So what is to say that some bacteria somewhere amongst those billions of planets circling millions of stars there isn’t one planet where some form of life, intelligent or not hasn’t taken root.

And for those creationists out there how about this. What if there is non-inteligent life on other planets put there by God just for us lowly humans to find once we go out into space and use as another food source or what not? Maybe one’s already setup and ready for us. I mean we will eventually leave this planet and go to colonize another world. God may have put us on this planet but if he meant for us to stay here why show us the rest of the universe for us to become curious about and allow us to develop the technology to leave?

Still wouldn’t that make you feel lonely. To go all that way to another planet and find this great world full of life but no one to talk to about it other than the people you went with? I’m sure some scientists would love it for it gives them plenty to study.

That is until some alien comes swooping down on them and kills them all for poaching their livestock planet.

Okay, maybe that’s a little far fetched. I really don’t believe these stories of aliens visiting us and abducting us. I truly don’t think we’re that interesting. I mean if they have the technology to come all the way out here why would they care about us who can barely get past our own gravity well?

Maybe one day we will meet other intelligent life forms it will just be a very long time from now. And what would they look like? If we’re truly formed in God’s image did he form all the others in his image as well? I mean why should we be so egotistical to think we’re special and the only ones he did so with? Even so would the environment on alien worlds allow them to evolve the same as us? If so would that not be a bad thing, I mean look at our society.

Hmmm… I’m digressing. Yes, I believe there are other intelligent life out there. Where, why and how are still questionable.


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