I don’t normally write about politics, I try to stay out of it as much as possible, but there are times that I get upset at my own friends for their short sightedness.  Now, I will also admit that I don’t know much about what is in this new Health Care Plan, but I know there are many people against a National Health Care at any cost.  These are some of my closest friends and it irks me to no end that they don’t see that there is a need.  They don’t see that existing insurance companies are charging through the nose for nothing and offering less and less services.  They all seem to believe that if everyone just got a job they wouldn’t need government run health care.  They probably also believe that all the money will go straight to illegal immigrants.  They probably don’t know that one of their closest friends will soon be needing this Health Care or have none at all.  All because she can’t get insurance from a normal insurance company for less than $700 a month.

No one can get health insurance in this country unless they work for a company that subsidizes it or are in perfect health.  This “preexisting” bull shit is ruining health care.  If we got rid of that one thing we might not need a National Health Care, but the insurance companies would never accept that.  The only reason I even have any insurance right now is because my county is good enough to provide me with minimal coverage because I have absolutely no income.  If I got sick outside of this county I’m screwed.  If I broke my leg in South Dakota they’d have to drive me all the way back home to get it fixed else pay thousands of dollars for ER.  With National Health Care I wouldn’t have to worry about what county I’m in.

Sure the bill up for approval is probably not the best, and we’ll probably never have great National Health Care but something is better for nothing.  Yes, I could get a job, but then I’ll never get published.  And even if I got a job it would only be a part time job that wouldn’t offer Health Care.  So what about all those thousands of people who can’t get a job that does offer health care, and I’m not talking about illegals, I’m talking about people who actually are trying to work for a living.  Or those that are trying to run their own business.  They are working harder than the average American and if they have one little preexisting condition they get rejected and have to worry about having a heart attack.  So don’t tell me to get a job to make it all better.

The people who think that and are against National Health Care are the ones who probably voted yes on Prop 8 discriminating against those people who just want to share the rest of their life with the person they love and wouldn’t bother those that already can.  But don’t get me started on that one either.

So there you have it, the only political arguments that have ever ignited me and it’s not the politics that get me fired up but the blindness and intolerance of those around me.  Let’s all just turn a blind eye to those that need help.  Let’s just forget the American dream and let Big Brother take over.


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