Don’t you hate it when people post a comment stating they’re the first to comment on an entry?  There is no point to it whatsoever.  So if you leave me a comment do so with more than ten words to let me know you’ve at least read the entry.  No firsts here, just random thoughts.  And no firsts in comments, you can leave random thoughts there too, just make them a bit meaningful.

I’ll be adding my older rants first and eventually posting new stuff, but don’t be looking for regular posts.  My last rant was written sometime last year.  If you do like my writing you can check out my web page that features a range of short stories.


One thought on “First!

  1. What about the rest of those cretins on that show?? Making millions to show up at parties. Makes me sick when their are decent young people who struggle to get through college. All exhibit such bad behavior and are rewarded for it. Yes, it is the end of decent civilization

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