My mind the movie studio

My mind can take a Miriad of little dreams and connect them. I’m writing this in first person as that’s mostly how it was.

It starts with me waking groggily to some noise outside. I don’t pay much heed but go to my roommates room where she is doing something at her desk. I lay on her bed with the intention of falling back to sleep but she engages me in conversation and I start to see sweet things in her. I like her and this could develop but mom interrupted and yells at her if she’s going to eat the dozen tomatoes or shortage just throw them out. She says sharp bu not mean she would if mom put them in her drawer. Mom grumbles then yells at me for laying on her bed stomps through the room to the other door. I do something I never do and yell at her. Why are you being so bitxhy? She keeps going. My friend and I exchange looks then I get up. I move the few good tomatoes to her drawer and toss out the ones that look stomped.

I look up and hear more commotion outside and go look. There’s a protest or something going on st a tall building across the way and I go get involved. It’s fuzzy but there’s a lot of yelling and some people waving forms like those I made at work. The issue is somehow solved but not totally peacefully and I go to the top of the building.

Up there is a beautiful sunset where I’m looking west with my girl and talking about the trip we will take

Then we’re at dinner with a group of friends on another rooftop diner. and my older friend mary is upset I didn’t talk to her first to make the travel arrangements through her agency as it would have been cheaper.

As we dine there’s some special waiters that are singing or something and one older frail looking guy in particular waves his hand and dishes go flying through the air. These are heavy bluerimmed china. They miraculously slide to a stop on a central bar area stacked and without crashing. They even slide to a stop in an almost perfect line. One plate slid a little further than the rest and a man who was sweating pushed it into place as he mumbles how scared he was and shocked he didn’t have to catch any. Then there was a boom mike or some other equipment seen to the side and a voice saying to do it again. That poor guy started fretting.

And then I was off to catch the train. My suitcase was thrown on board but we weren’t going anywhere. I walked around the train to the engin and saw a frail golem like woman holding for dear life onto the side of the train her skinny legs wrapped around that round thing. She was the wife of someone I knew but was more a creature now. I wasn’t supposed to see her but now I had she called to her people to attack. Some thugs went for the train a few went for me. It was a bloodbath but I won. Though there was one last thug with a knife or baton coming for me near the cab of the engine.

Cut screen. Game paused. In large pixelated font an old style silent movie card flashed before me saying “all the wrong things for the right reasons ” the computer game sent me back near the beginning where I didn’t yell at my mom or help my friend but went straight to the riot at the building took that form and filled it in for the people even though they were supposed to but it made them settle. Then cut back to the train where instead of confronting mrs golem with a fishing pole cat toy I fished for her across a ravine. She tried to grab the toy but fell in instead. She never had a chance to call the thugs and the train moved on as scheduled with no one hurt.

Finally resting I watched the skinny man who threw the dishes in fact created them with a brush stroke. He was painting but wasn’t happy. He was a famous painter and reduced to this. He grumbled. He did another long slash of the brush off the painting and while no dishes came out a production woman came up with a few sketches to compare to his painting. They were of a window night time scene. A pale moon and clouds with a few hills. A simple picture but his was stylized almost Monet like with thick heavy paint but soft edges. Dark but colorful. He brooded that it was a simple piece and the lady tried to convince him they didn’t need complex for the movie. Her design was simple so they could show his magic. He complained it wasn’t even his design. As one last negotiation instead of their conflict I stepped in and told him the Beaty was it wasn’t his design but was still his as he could take that and make something beautiful out of it. He agreed took his brush and with a wide stroke produced some dishes that poor boy had to go scrambling over.

Vampire’s Baby

You are a vampire and are visiting one of your vampire friends. She’s telling you about her new baby but you think she’s crazy. Vampires don’t have babies. So she takes you to the baby’s room but all that’s there is an empty stroller.

A vacuum starts mysteriously and roars towards you. She takes this as a warning and pulls you out a window. She cries they must have taken the baby.

You’re not sure who but you’re now sure you’re being chased you go in a hospital to hide there helping some of the children. It are soon found out. They chase you to the roof where you find yourself surrounded by the vampire authority. Apparently having babies is forbidden.

Many are on hover bikes and your friend had her own stashed on the roof. It’s an older model that looks like a white Harley.

Finding yourself surrounded and without transportation you grab at the closest man on a bike and throw him off. This one is two toned white and tan and elongated egg shaped. Definitely an improved version. You do circles around your pursuers then ride with your friend over rooftops and out into open fields.

The Tiny Farmer

You work on a farm with what you thought was a decent family. Near the far edge of two separate fields lives other farmer families except these are tiny.

The small farmers don’t take up much land or do much harm and you speak with them often. One day you hear there is a new law against helping tiny people and the farmer decides to eradicate them.

You are too late to help one but make your feelings known only to have a mob come after you. You jump in your white pickup and nearly run some of them over as you wheel around. You go out to the remaining tiny farm to give them supplies and warn them.

But you’re trapped. There’s only hills one one side and the mob on the other. So you hide out. At first the large pasture is enough but eventually you must find another place. Inside the large farm house you find a dark corner they hardly go in but is in direct site of the kitchen table. The shadows are not enough as you grab an old daily calendar the farmer had on his desk. You write little notes from God to the farmer on scraps you make from it and hide them for him to find.

You try to stay out of sight and are helped by one of the farmers friends. He tells you about the trap door to the basement but when you open it it’s filled to the brim with canned and packaged food.

So you hide behind a vending machine hidden by it and an old couch you do all right until the guy helping you has to move the vending machine. He feels bad and tries to tell you to hide in the back but you don’t move.

Now you’re exposed. What do you do next?

Dogs, Cupcakes, and Battery

Not sure what kind of story it would make but I thought it strange. My dog has killed several opossum lately and so…

You go into your backyard as you hear your dog running around like his tail was on fire. You go out there to find him shaking some poor animal to death. Looking around you see two baby platapi half buried. Takes you a bit to figure out what they are due to you never seeing one before. You then spot a large lizard perhaps an iguana hiding between some weeds. It seems to know your dog is on a war path. Another small animal scurries by some sort of rodent. You go back to the lizard but it’s gone. In its place are its babies which are kind of cartoonish. They are all head and tail with wide mouths and bug eyes. One jumps from the ground to your chest. It thinks you’re it’s momma. You try to put it back in its hole with the others but it doesn’t want to go.

You go inside to see if there is a way to rid yourself of it. You walk into the store room of a bakery. You drool over the cupcakes but avoid temptation. You move into the store proper finding a long line there for the ultra expensive baked goods. You take a small one on your way out into the school.

There are many teenagers wearing a shirt with what looks like a red and orange battery that glows. In the hallway you meet a woman that acts sweet but you know better. She snaps at a couple kids in the hall for not having some religious article. Then tries to gather everyone with a “power” shirt so they can “charge” together.

You roll your eyes and head out of there. Just as you think you’re escaping past the large courtyard with long round steps and a fence surrounding it the lady is on the loudspeaker calling you back.


Not a dream but with flu season coming the conspiracy theorist in me woke up. Around here you can get the flu vaccine for free at multiple places. In some cases they are fairly insistent.

So it got me thinking why are they pushing it. This would make an interesting sci-fi story. Does it contain a control chip some sterilizing agent or something much worse? And perhaps they hunt down those that refuse.

Is it from the point of view of one of those that doesn’t vaccinate or one that does? Is it really a conspiracy or just a big mistake? The details are up to you.

Leaving the Light

Some of you might be aware of my ongoing vampire novel Leaving the Light and book 2 Season of Darkness.


I walked through a stream carrying a tray of food.  The cement bank was crowded with people who snatched at the tray and myself.  The room was dark but I could see their teeth clearly enough.  Why would vampires eat normal food? I thought to myself.

The handsome man held me in his arms, I didn’t want him to let go.  I didn’t fear him like the others and I wanted to be with him always.  “You have to do it,” I begged.

“I can’t,” he replied solumnly, “the king said it was not to be me.”

Another large scarier looking man, dark with large fangs sat on a couch and gestured me to sit next to him.  I did what he requested and sat then put my head on his lap when he asked me to.  Slowly, he leaned over and bit into my neck.


This was the original dream I had, as much as I can remember 20 years later anyway.  I still see these scene quite clearly and they are what this series was built off of.  An entire universe created from just a few short words and strange images in a dream that didn’t last very long.  While this one I’m asking you not to use for yourself all others in Dream Inspirations I offer freely hoping you too can create a universe from a dream.

If you’re interested to read more about Leaving the Light, I have recently added a site here on wordpress dedicated to the series which you can find conveniently a link here or on the menu.

Leaving the Light


You literally fall into a strange castle where chess pieces, large and round, are alive. You must avoid them before they jump on you. They move near the castle wall while you and your friends try to avoid them. Some move into recesses in the wall and become inactive. You see a portal open before you that you can escape through and you just make it in before one lands on top of it. You make it but you wind up in the middle of a open court where there are more of these giants. There’s more portals but they’re inactive just holes covered by a grate.

When a chess piece is about to land on you. You scream “reset.”   One after another you run for the portals as fast as you can and just land on another square.  You watch as your friend gets squished and you yell “reset”.  After some time you figure the only way out is to yell “Game Over,” but it doesn’t work.  No variation does until you find a way to destroy the game pieces.

Dino bite

You're at a popular restaurant with your brothers. One orders the special sampler platter and your kid brother orders the Dino bites The order comes and it's a plate of tiny dinosaurs. He pours a little bit of red stuff onto the head of one and takes a bite. This is all perfectly normal. As is your other brother offering him to try one of the samples labeled pretty (nice) person. It's a red vile of blood. You take a different vile and contemplate grabbing a little brontosaurus.

Family Plot

You lay your head on your dads lap and he tells you he has a gift for you. It’s a plant. A small green mix between an aloe Vera and bonsai. It’s in a tiny white plastic pot and you decide it needs to be replanted. 

You get a square kitchen trash can to temporarily plant the plant while you get a new pot. You decide to just move it from the small pot to the trash can then decided that was too big. 

Your friend came in and distracted you as she tends to do as You put ricks at the bottom and before You know it. it was in the trash can again. You tried again. She started talking about a movie she was going to see then You commented how Her son was getting so big (saw his pic on facebook where his grandma didn’t even come to his shoulder he’s so tall!). And once again the plant was in the can. You give up and soon it was in a barrel with some other desert plants. 

Your nephews came with more tiny plants some looked like coral and tried to help. You made a small hole for one and The younger one put a purple one in then pushed it deeper. You had to correct him but he was having fun. Then he put it on top of the tiny beach like pebbles and tried to do the same. You tickle attack him instead of correcting him.